BRM-1230 Brushed DC Motor with Gear Box  
The BRM-1230 Brushed DC Motors is a compact DC motor with high power density. Provided with planetary gear box, it is a cost effective motor for wide range of industrial and consumer applications. Options for magnetic encoders are provided. Contact us for customization of motor characteristic, mechanical fitting and cabling.
  • Integarted with planetary gearbox
  • Good Service Life
  • Option to add magnetic and encoders
  • Compatible with our iMOTO driver
  • Suitable for standard motion control applications
  • Customization is possible
  • CE and ROHS certified
  • Typical Motor Characteristic:
    Part No Rated Voltage
    Rated Power
    Rated Speed
    Rated Toque
    Rated Current
    No Load Speed
    No Load Current
    Peak Torque
    Peak Current

    2.4 0.62 10000 0.0006 0.45 12500 0.135 - - 0.013  

    Planetary Gearbox:
    Part No: -nnP   -4P -16P -24P -49P -104P -212P                 Datasheet
    Gear Ratio 4 16 64 256 1024 4096                  
    Rated Torque
    Nm 0.002 0.007 0.025 0.084 0.2 0.2                  
    Length (L)
    mm 12.8 16.1 19.4 22.7 26.0 29.3                  
    No. of Stage

    Optical Encoder:
    Part No: -OEnnn        
    Resolution PPR      
    Power Supply V      
    Max Frequency
    Magnetic Encoder:
    Part No: -MEnnn   -ME3    
    Resolution PPR 3    
    Power Supply V 3.5 - 20    
    Max Frequency
    KHz 100    

    BLM-60 Series