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Control System-On-board Solution for Equipment Control
Motion control
Motors & Actuators
RF Modules
Sob Blue Traditionally, PLCs is widely used in designing and building of industrial equipements. This method is not the most cost effective when building equipments that are produced in higher volumn. With our product family in motion control modules and IO modules, equipment designers are able to design and build their own Single Board solution for their new machines. With our ODM service, we are also able to provide One-Stop solution for such design needs. (More information)
Services Industrial Automation Systems

system on-board solution for industrial control
Industrial automation systems
Original Design Manufacturing
Electronic Circuit Design

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Indauto Blue We are moving to an era when qualified and cost effective labor is becoming scarce. Automation is the future to ensure capcity and quality. with our products in wide range of motors, actuators and controllers, and expertise in robotic design, we are ready to provide you the best solution for your automation needs. (More information)
Original Design Manufacturing
Odm In today's business world, design and innovation in your products is the key to your success. With many years' experience in electronic circuit, mechanical modules, and software for Microcontroller and PC, we are your best partners in design and implementing your briliant product ideas. With the support from our long-term qualified manufaturing partners, you can be assured in the smooth take-off of your product from concept, prototype, series production and after sales support. (More information)
Eletronic Circuit Board Design and Engineering
PCB-Blue With many years of experience in analog and mixed signal circuit design, we are able to provide you with one-stop solution for your needs in electronic circuit design. Do contact if you enounter electronic circuit board that is obsolete or difficult to source. We may be able to re-engineer the replacement for you. (More information)