LAA Series Linear Actuator  
The LAA Linear Actuator is a compact actuator with quiet operation. Designed with IP65 rating, it is a cost effective actuator for wide range of industrial and consumer applications. Options for encoders and potentiometer are provided to enable precision control of the movement. Contact us for customization of stroke length and mounting options.
  • Max 400N load
  • Max speed is 24mm/sec
  • Stroke length 15-1000mm
  • IP65 and corrosion resistent coating
  • Option for Integrated potentiometer
  • Built-in limit switch for protection at both end of the linear movement
  • Option to add encoder
  • Options for other moungting fittings
  • Compatible with our iMOTO driver
  • CE and ROHS certified
  • Customization for other operating voltage and stroke length

  • You may refer to the Characteristic Table below to look for the suitable parts. In case you did not find any, please Contact Us for assistance.

    Typical Actuator Characteristic:
    Part No Rated Voltage
    Full Load
    Full Load Speed
    Full Load Current
    No Load Speed
    No Load Current
    Duty Cycle (%) Stroke Length (mm)     Weight
    24 400 5.2 0.4 6 0.1 25 15 to 400      
    24 300 13 0.4 16 0.1 25 15 to 400      
    24 200 20 0.4 24 0.1 25 15 to 500      
    24 150 24 0.4 29 0.1 25 15 to 600      

    Magnetic Encoder:
    Part No: -MEnnn   -ME    
    Resolution PPR      
    Power Supply V      
    Max Frequency

    BLM-60 Series