MM3328D Motion Control Module  

MM3328D is a compact dual axis motion control module with on board H-bridge driver. It features on-board over-current protection and over-temperature protection. Maximum DC current per motor channel is 10A. Maximum pulse current per channel is 20A.

It has incremental encoder interface and able to driver DC brushed motor, brushless motor and stepper motor. MM3328D provide complete motion control solution for design and build controller for mobile robot, AGV and other motor control applications.

  • Operating voltage 7V- 27V
  • Operating temp. range: -20 °C ~ + 80 °C
  • Max current per channel is 10A Continuous
  • Support DC motor, brushless motor, stepper motor
  • Built-in close loop control for motor speed and position
  • Built-in tuning for control parameters
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