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iMicro Robotic Controller is a compact robotic development board designed for building wheeled robots, legged robots, motion control projects and microcontroller projects. It has 3 processors to do different tasks.
The main processor that is to run user code is one 8-bit 40Mhz Microchip processor (PIC18F4620). It is supported by ANSI C compiler and IDE with debugging capability and numerous online resources at Microchip website.
Mounted with MM164X motion control module, it is able to perform PID close loop control for two DC motors with encoder feedback.
Its peripheral processor provides 16 RC servo control pulses that can be used to control RC servo motors.
Radiometrix RF module is supported directly to allow point-to-point RF communication.
Typical robotic applications of iMicro controller includes FIRA Soccer Robot, International Robotic Challenge Robot, Robot Colony (Singapore Robotic Game), Legged Robot, etc.


System on-board solution for industrial control
Industrial automation systems
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PCB design and turnkey solution
iMicro Brochure
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iMicro Software Guide
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