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We are moving to an era when qualified and cost effective labor is becoming scarce. Automation is the future to ensure capcity and quality. For nearly 10 years in industrial automation in Singapore, we have developed the following key strength that enables us provide you the best one-stop solution for your industrial automation needs.

  • High speed machine vision and color recognition
  • Motors, Motor Drivers Electronics
  • Motion control in precision and high speed
  • Linear and Rotary actuator modules
  • Closed-loop control system design and tuning
  • Electronic circuit design and engineering

    As a system integrator partner for Adept Technology Inc, we are able to provide complete automation system solution in the following application areas.

      Application Products & Solutions  
    Industrial Automation
    Pick and Place
    Adept Quattro S650H
    Adept Cobra Robot
    Quality Assurance
    Defect Inspection
    Pick and Place
    Machine Vision
    Adept Quattro S650H
    Adept Cobra Robot
    Material Handling & Transportation
    Production Assembly
    Adpet Viper Robot
    Adpet Cobra Robot
    Adept Linx Mobile Robot
    Hospital materal transportation
    Surgical Assistance
    Adpet Viper Robot
    Adept Linx Mobile Robot
    Food & Baverages
    Food serving in restaurant
    Food packaging and inspection
    Adpet Cobra Robot
    Adept Linx Mobile Robot
    Training equipments Adpet Viper Robot
    Adpet Cobra Robot
    Adept Linx Mobile Robot



    For project inquiries, please Contact Us for discussion.

    Adept AnyFeeder & Cobra Robot Demo Video


    Adept Quattro Robot Demo Video


    Adept Linx Robot Demo Video

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    Adept Quattro s650H

    Sdept lynx

    Adept Lynx Mobile Robot

    Adept Anyfeeder

    Adept AnyFeeder

    Viper s650

    Adept Viper 6-axis Robot


    Adept Cobra 4-Axis Robot

    system on-board solution for industrial control
    Industrial automation systems
    Original Design Manufacturing
    Electronic Circuit Design