iSumoBot® 4W Drive Sumo Robot


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iSumoBot® 4W Drive Sumo Robot is a high-quality compact four-wheel differential drive robot designed for both autonomous and RC remote control capabilities. The rugged construction make it suitable as general purpose mobile robot platform as well. Robot Sumo game is popular in many countries, inlcuding Singapore (Singapore Robotic Games) and Japan.

  • Full metal chassis
  • Twin high power servo motor encoder
  • 4 wheel drive
  • PID closed loop control for speed and position
  • 4 IR sensor as floor boundary sensor
  • 5 Ultrasonic sensor to sense surrounding objects
  • One RS-232 port
  • Bluetooth communication
  • iQu®  enabled with PC software
  • Competition event in Singapore  and Japan
  • Aduino and Microchip MPLAB C programmable
  • Can be used as general purpose mobile robot platfom
  • Option to supply in kit-set form without assembly
  • Autonomous Mode:
    During this mode, the robot can be programmed to perform specific task for example: This mobile robot platform can be programmed to be a Sumo robot, which to assault and overpower its opponent or retreat to prepare for battle. 4 ultra-sonic sensors are mounted around the robot to detect an opponent. Upon detection, it instructs the brain of SUMO to "charge", and to win the match by pushing the opponent out of the ring.

    Remote Control Mode:
    during this mode, user become the controller of the robot. Whereby user can instruct the robot to desire movement by transmitting RC standard pulse through transmitter to this mobile robot wirelessly. Hence, robot starts to move to position you like.

    How to Program iSumoBot

    iSumoBot can be programmed by C, Arduino or Graphical Programming like Scratch Block






    C programming






    Arduino Progamming






    Graphical Scratch Block programming











    iSumoBot Playfield fully assembled view






    iSumoBot Playfield can be dis-assembled for easy storage and transportation






    Application Information
    NEW Sumo Robot Event for School Students in the Singapore Robotic Game 2019
    iSumoBot Brochure 中文
    iSumoBot User Guide
    iQu Software
    BRM-4266 DC Motor with gearbox
    Singapore Robotic Game RC Sumo Robot Rules
    Order Information
    Part No Decription Robot Controller Ultrasonic Sensor RC Remote Controller DC Servo Motors Chassis Kit Assembled    
    iSumoBot Full Version Assembled 1 5 1 2 1 Yes    
    iSumoBot RC Remote Control Assembled 1 - 1 2 1 Yes    
    iSumoBot Full Kit Set 1 5 1 2 1 No    
    iSumoBot Electronic Kit 1 5 1 2 - No    
    iSumoBot Mechanical Kit - - - 2 1 No    
    General Purpose Autonomous Robot Kit 1 2 - 2 1 No    



     iSumobot front view

     iSumobot side view

     iSumobot back view